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Lara van den Berge

CEE Graduate

Doing the Saddlefit 4 Life CEE course was eye opening to the vast amount of detail that goes into fitting a saddle correctly to both horse and rider. There are so many important details that get overlooked so easily. At first, before I did the course, I thought I was passionate about helping horse and rider and I signed up, but now I have become obsessed and driven to help find solutions to the problems that we face in the saddle and on the horse. I learn through my own past mistakes every day by reminiscing about my life and riding career with my retired mare and how I could not help her due to lack of knowledge so many years ago, now that I know what I did not know back then... What really has become clear to me is the amount of pain and discomfort these dear horses endure, simply because we don't realize that they are are suffering. Behavior changes and bad behavior patterns, clear or subtle, are a result of us not listening to the horse. We are not educated and informed enough, so we don't hear what they say to us or how they say it to us...


Saddlefit4life has completely changed my life and allowed me to learn so much more already than ever imagined, baring in mind that what I have learned already is only a fraction of information that's out there to learn. I won't be able to look at a horse, rider or saddle again in the same way! The course was fascinating, and it has been lovely meeting other people with the same interest, in which we have been able to discuss and learn together. The girls through Saddlefit4life have been fantastic at answering any questions that have been asked and helping out where possible. It's been eye opening and it will be information and knowledge that I will carry with me throughout my life. I look forward to being able to help more riders and horses with their problems in the future and being able to use my new found skills to make a difference to local people and horses in my area. Even if it's just being able to point out one thing, it's one thing that will improve the horses comfort and way of life! My key aim is to be able to speak for the horses when owners may not understand what the problem is. My knowledge which has came from Saddlefit 4 Life has taught me how to spot these problems and how to apply a solution to be able to help. I'm very much excited for the future!

Amy Coupland

CEE Graduate

Cheryl van dusen


I found each session to be very informative and beneficial to my professional development. Providing practical and crucial information that can be directly transferred to my personal riding and my TR program. Choosing the correct tack and horse for a rider is usually the greatest challenge especially when a program uses horses/ponies that are older and entering the program with pre-existing conformation and soundness issues. I like that we are able to access the presentation videos after the original presentation as there is so much information to take in. So, I found it beneficial to be able to go back and listen to them again to add information and/or clarity to my notes. I found the sessions to be very professional, well prepared, organized and delivered in manner that is easy to understand. The sessions reinforced what I was doing right, what I need to pay attention to, filled in holes in my knowledge, generated questions and inspired me to go out and play with this knowledge practically. Much thanks to yourself, Jochen and team for putting together such an informative and beneficial educational series.


The information definitely was helpful in demonstrating why saddle fit is so important for the comfort and wellbeing of every horse but especially for our therapeutic horses who work so hard for riders without optimal balance. Sadly most therapeutic centers have tack that is shared amongst horses, with fit that is often compromised. However with the information gained from these sessions at least some of the concerns with saddle fit can be addressed to mitigate some of the long term consequences and damage caused by poorly fitted tack. Also of value was the very well explained difference in the anatomy of male and female riders and how this affects position in the saddle. Hopefully as more people become informed about proper ergonomics of saddle fit for horse and rider, the industry as a whole will begin to listen and change their manufacturing protocols.

Erica Sutfin


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The Pinnacle of Saddle Fit Education

With over 30 years of experience and 150,000+ horses evaluated and fitted, Saddlefit 4 Life is the global authority on correct, safe and evidence-based saddle fit education.

Our courses are taught worldwide, accredited by numerous organizations and included in several university programs as part of their veterinary or equine studies programs, as well as winning educational awards and accolades for our service to the equine industry.

No Experience Needed

You don’t need to have a background in saddle fitting to understand this course. Anyone with some horse experience can readily apply the learned theories and methods to evaluate their own saddle and identify problem areas. 

Clear, concise, easy to understand lessons with videos, imagery and diagrams to help you understand the various aspects of both how and why saddles should fit the anatomy. 

Active support is always there to answer your questions and discuss case studies so you’re never left to figure things out on your own. Your success is our priority! 

What Is Covered in the Course?

The Certified Equine Ergonomist Course is the most comprehensive course of it’s kind, teaching students the fundamentals surrounding equine and human anatomy, biomechanics and influencing factors relating to saddle fit. 

We offer a well rounded program that doesn’t just focus on the how, but also the WHY, highlighting the importance of correct fit to horse and rider and the many physiological and psychological consequences of improper fit. 

Students can expect to gain a better understanding of the equine athlete and the physical requirements set out by the body through measurements and observation. 


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Fully Online Theory & Practice Lessons

Learn in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have wifi!

Go at your own pace, by your own schedule and revisit lessons as many times as you like.

Always have access to the most up to date material and lessons.

Learn, Apply & Make Positive Change

Get the education, experience and support you need to apply what you learn to the horses in your community, and be a voice for positive change. 

When you ENROLL in the Certified Equine Ergonomist Course, you’re not just signing up for a course, you’re joining the Saddlefit 4 Life family and network of equine professionals worldwide, dedicated to protecting horses from saddle related injuries and lameness. 

You will be part of the movement to provide our equine partners with a healthier, happier riding career. 

How Do I Register?

Registering is easy!

Just click START LEARNING TODAY and you will be guided to a page where you can select which course you’d like to enroll in. 
The curriculum is the same across all formats. 

Online+4 Day In Barn

These courses combine the online and In Barn segments. The online starts immediately, preparing students for the 4-Day In Barn. 

5-Day Intensive

These courses take place over 5 days and do not have an online component.  

Online Only

These courses only give access to the online component. Students must register for the 4-day In Barn separately.
(*Included in 4-Day In Barn Registration)

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