The Vicious Circle

We all understand the importance of maintaining good health, and the same applies to our equine partners. 
With the availability of alternative therapies and treatments, our horses are receiving better care than some of their owners/riders.

But, are you undoing the work of your equine body workers? 
We often call out chiropractors or massage therapists as a reaction to something – altered gait, muscular tension and improper development, atrophy, etc. But, how often do we consider that the culprit could be the saddle itself?

It’s a common occurrence for a body workers to treat their equine patient only to have that same, ill-fitting tack placed back on the horse to undo the treatment.

It is so important for everyone – not just riders, owners and trainers, but also vets, massage therapists, chiropractors and all equine professionals to understand the effects a badly fitted saddle could have to better serve their clients and their four legged patients.

If you were to wear a shoe that gave you blisters, go to the doctor to get the blisters treated, would it make sense to go right back to wearing that shoe?

Too often we only look at the symptom and not the cause, and our horses are the ones who suffer for it.

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