Used to the Pain

With the majority of saddles manufactured for the male physique, it’s no wonder that many riders are so used to the discomfort that it’s become the norm.

Riders think it’s normal when….
Their hip joints hurt after each rider.
Their knees ache.
Their back is sore.
They have rub marks and bruises along the upper inner thigh.
They need to sit far back in the saddle.
They need to force the leg into position.
They need to torque their leg to turn the toe in.

Riders blame themselves when…
They can’t move with the horse.
They sit behind the movement.
They can’t get their leg under them.
They are catching up to the horse at each gait.
They can’t sit the trot or canter.

It’s not supposed to hurt!
Pain isn’t normal and it shouldn’t be accepted!

A huge red flag for all riders should be pain or discomfort of ANY kind. 
Riding shouldn’t hurt, riding shouldn’t make you ache in your joints or put you out for the next day(s). Minus getting tossed into the bushes, that will always hurt.

A quick way to determine if your saddle fits you, sit in the lowest point and ask yourself, honestly, are you comfortable. Sit with your back straight so the tops of the vertebrae are parallel to the ground, sit in the saddle in the same position as you would be if you were simply standing with bent knees.

If you can sit comfortably WITHOUT rolling your pelvis back, shifting in the saddle, placing your leg in a certain position, then you’re off to a good start.

If not, you need to find a saddle that you are actually comfortable in.

When the rider is in pain, is sore, forced into positions, holding tension and not fluid with a pliable seat, not only will the rider suffer, THE HORSE WILL SUFFER PAIN.

Again, the horse will suffer pain.

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