Used to the Pain

With the majority of saddles manufactured for the male physique, it’s no wonder that many riders are so used to the discomfort that it’s become the norm. Riders think it’s normal when….Their hip joints hurt after each rider.Their knees ache.Their back is sore.They have rub marks and bruises along the upper inner thigh.They need to …

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The Rider’s Leg

“Bring your leg back!!” Whether you’re a rider or coach, you’ve probably heard this being yelled across a riding ring (or have been the one yelling it). But, did you know that this ‘leg-forward’/chair seat phenomenon is not caused by lack of skill or poor posture on behalf of the rider? Chair seat, leg forward …

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The Neck

Just because something is common, standard or widely accepted does not make it correct. When looking at the equine athlete, we often see anomalies or physical abnormalities that are considered normal, with little regard or understanding of how severe the malformation or injury actually is. For example, when we look at the neck of a …

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Correct Contact

Contact. What is it? Why is it important? Contact is an ambiguous term for many riders. Some believe they must carry the horse and hold them, others believe there should be no contact. Let us first define contact to better understand it. Contact is the line in which you communicate hand aids to the horse, …

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The Vicious Circle

We all understand the importance of maintaining good health, and the same applies to our equine partners. With the availability of alternative therapies and treatments, our horses are receiving better care than some of their owners/riders. But, are you undoing the work of your equine body workers? We often call out chiropractors or massage therapists as a …

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The Warm Up

Why every rider should pay attention as soon as they’re mounted.  When our CSE’s or CEE’s (Certified Equine Ergonomists) conduct a saddle fit evaluation, they always assess the horse and rider in movement to get the full picture. Oftentimes, the rider will state that they need about 20 min to warm up the horse for …

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