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The CEE course is open to anyone with some form of equine experience, be it riding, teaching, vet tech, body worker, instructor, etc. Basic knowledge of the horse, tack and safe handling are required to get the most out of the course. 

The Online CEE course consists of an online theory portion which the student has 6 months to complete, which is then followed by a 4 day In-Barn portion. The In-Barn portions are scheduled around the world to give students the ability to access the one closest to them. 

The On-Site CEE course takes place only in person with no online element. 

The CEE externship is only required for those who wish to become certified and offer their service as a CEE. Those who only take the course but do not complete the externship and certification are prohibited from offering the CEE service as they have not completed and passed the necessary testing. 

Memberships provide numerous benefits to our students and users while being able to continually build out our education based on the needs and wants of our followers and the equine community as a whole. Membership also lets you track your progress and save notes all in one spot so you’re not having to look for them. 

When you obtain your CEE certification you receive the following:

  • Certification announcement on our website and social media
  • Profile listing on our website
  • Access to ongoing training and support
  • Access to CEE only special events and courses
  • Recognized as a certified Saddlefit 4 Life professional

You must complete the online portion of the CEE course before the 4-day In-Barn portion begins. The online theory prepares students for the intensive, hands on portion which is spent in the barn. You will have the knowledge to apply the learned methods with the guidance of our instructors and teaching assistants. 

The CEE externship must be completed within 6 months of completing the In-Barn portion or taking the On-Site CEE course. 

Extensions can be requested before the externship deadline. 

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