All Certified Saddle Ergonomists are required to complete their re-certification every 2 years (24 months) to maintain their certification and ensure adherence to the Saddlefit 4 Life philosophies and methods that have been created to protect both horse and rider from discomfort and injury resulting from improper saddle fit. 

Re-Certification consists of submitting 6 client evaluations that have been completed within 6 months of beginning the re-certification course, with each evaluation accompanied by 6 photographs which are detailed in the Re-Certification Overview, along with a written test. 

Students are required to complete the Re-Certification Course within 3 months of enrollment.




IMPORTANT! – Before You Enroll

Please make sure to have all documents and photos ready before enrolling in the Re-Certification Course as you will not be able to Save & Exit once you begin your online submissions. We recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the Evaluation Submission Requirements and the Certified Equine Ergonomist Online Theory prior to enrollment as each student is only allow one attempt. 

Evaluation Submission Requirements

Each evaluation must be accompanied by the following in order to be accepted for re-certification.

All images must be PNG or JPEG/JPG, the evaluation must be a single PDF file. 
Each file is uploaded separately, for a total of 7 files for each evaluation (6 photos, 1 PDF evaluation). 

  • Photo 1: Horse with the 14 reflex points, SSA and 5 Lines (the whole horse must be visible, hooves and all)
  • Photo 2: Saddle on horse
  • Photo 3: Saddle – top view from behind
  • Photo 4: Dust pattern – Left
  • Photo 5: Dust pattern – Right
  • Photo 6: Dust pattern – Top
  • PDF: Scanned evaluation (scan the sheet in 2 halves for standard sized scanners) and merge into a single PDF

Course Features

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Re-Certification Enrollment

2 months of access

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