Introductory Equine Ergonomist Black Friday Special


The Introductory Equine Ergonomist Course provides students with an in-depth look at the anatomy and biomechanics of both horse and rider that determine the saddle requirements of both to ensure a harmonious fit and ride. Emphasis is placed on getting a deeper understanding of the musculoskeletal structures directly related to saddle fit, as well as secondary structures that can be both positively and negatively affected by the saddle. We also delve into the anatomical difference between the male and female rider, and how to determine saddle suitability.

Black Friday Bonuses

  • How-To Practical Lessons
  • 5 Bonus Video Lectures
  • Lifetime Student Support
  • Monthly Student Webinars
  • Student Groups
  • Social Learning
  • Dynamic Saddle Assessments
  • 1 Video Student Saddle Evaluation (PLUS only)
    • Get YOUR saddle evaluated by Jochen himself!
  • $200 Upgrade Discount (PLUS only)
    • Get $200 off when you upgrade to the
      Certified Equine Ergonomist Course

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