Our Mission

Our mission at Saddlefit 4 Life® Academy is simple – protect horse and rider from long term damage caused by ill-fitting tack, through comprehensive and science-based education. Our goal is to educate equestrians, trainers, breeders, saddle fitters and anyone involved with horses of the many consequences of a poorly fitted saddle that is backed by research and over 40 years of experience. Often times saddle fitting does not follow equine anatomy, and more often even ignores human anatomy and the differences between the male and female physique. 

We seek to shed light on those differences, to highlight why the saddle must fit within the constraints and how any deviance can cause the horse permanent and career ending pain. 

We have always been, and will remain, a voice for the horse. Our dedication to continuing education leads us to constantly research up and coming technologies that would help us better understand the ways in which a saddle could harm our equine partners. This dedication is what allows the course to be so comprehensive and up to date, giving our students the information they need to go out and be an ambassador for properly fitted saddles – fitted to both rider and horse!

Our education is available to everyone, regardless of riding level, show career or discipline. We offer various levels of learning so that you’re able to customize your education to your needs. In addition, we offer additional programs and events throughout the year. 

For horses like Pirat

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