Date: Sept 23rd-24th 

Location: StoufFville, Ontario, Canada

Discover The Power Of Collaboration & Enhance Your Horse’s Well Being

And You’ll Get The Complete A-Z on How To Work With Your Care Team To Develop A Collaborative Treatment Plan to Address Your Horse’s Unique Needs

Join Us Live, Loud & Proud In Stouffville, Ontario

Ticket Sales End Soon! September 20th At Midnight

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You missed out!

Break through the barriers of conflicting information and discover how to harmonize different aspects of care for optimal results.

Do you feel uncertain about your equine professional's true intentions and their commitment to your horse's well-being?

Are you tired of receiving conflicting and confusing information from different care professionals?

It can be frustrating and worrisome when you suspect that your horse's best interests may not be at the forefront.

 How can you ensure that all areas of care are working together harmoniously or is one aspect of care negatively affecting another?

How do you identify if your training or riding is causing pain or discomfort for your horse?

If you feel this way then we have the solution for you....

Partners In Soundness 2 Day In-Person Event

Partners in Soundness is the transformative event that provides the answers and guidance you seek. Gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of equine care with confidence. Learn how to effectively assess and qualify your care team, ensuring they share your unwavering commitment to your horse's well-being.

Unlock the understanding of the interplay between different modalities and practices, enabling you to make informed decisions and create a harmonious care plan for your horse.

Partners in Soundness is the transformative event that provides the answers and guidance you seek. Gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of equine care with confidence.

Learn how to effectively assess and qualify your care team, ensuring they share your unwavering commitment to your horse's well-being.

Unlock the understanding of the interplay between different modalities and practices, enabling you to make informed decisions and create a harmonious care plan for your horse.

Limited Tickets Available! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Attend The Event

This amazing event will bring several speakers of different specialities and modalities together to assess several horses over the course of 2 days, giving insight into the process of discovery and the interconnectivity and overlap between the various facets of care.

You will delve into the collaborative creation of tailored treatment plans, personalized to address a horse's specific needs. Empower yourself with the skills to advocate for your horse effectively, asking the right questions and fostering open communication among your care team.

With direct access to a diverse group of professionals, you'll be immersed in a supportive environment that shares your dedication to achieving soundness. Experience the expertise of world-class presenters who are driven by a genuine passion for the well-being of horses.

Gain the Power to Choose the Best Care:

Learn how to confidently qualify your care team, ensuring that every member genuinely has your horse's best interests at heart.

Take control of your horse's well-being by surrounding them with professionals who are deeply committed to their health and happiness.

Unlock the Secrets of Effective Care:

Understand the intricate interconnectivity between different modalities and practices in equine care.

Discover how each aspect influences and complements the others, allowing you to create a comprehensive and synergistic approach to your horse's well-being.

Harmonize Every Aspect of Care:

Ensure that all areas of your horse's care work harmoniously together, supporting and enhancing one another.

No longer waste time and resources on isolated efforts. From bodywork to farrier services, achieve true balance by addressing all crucial aspects of care simultaneously.

Become Your Horse's Greatest Advocate:

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to be a powerful advocate for your horse.

Learn the right questions to ask, identify red flags and warning signs, and foster collaboration among your care team.

Empower yourself to confidently navigate your horse's care journey, ensuring they receive the exceptional support they deserve.

Unveil the Personalized Path to Soundness:

Witness the enlightening discovery process and the collaborative creation of custom, horse-specific treatment plans.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter rehabilitation methods. Embrace an individualized approach that takes into account your horse's unique needs and sets them on the path to optimal well-being.

Unparalleled Access to Leading Experts:

Immerse yourself in a gathering of top professionals, all united by the shared goal of achieving soundness for horses.

Benefit from direct access to a wide range of specialists, conveniently assembled under one roof.

Tap into their wealth of knowledge and expertise to elevate your horse's care to new heights.

About Saddlefit 4 Life Academy

Saddlefit 4 Life® Academy is a global collective of equine professionals who have come together to provide research and evidence based education with the goal of protecting both horse and rider from damage caused by ill-fitting and inappropriate tack.

With constantly evolving demands placed on both horse and rider, our education provides in-depth knowledge, insight and solutions to the challenges and issues within the equine world.

Education Based Off Facts & Not Opinions


Horses Analyzed


Years Of Research


Students Certified

Here’s what people are saying about our education

Amy Coupland

CEE Graduate

I won’t be able to look at a horse, rider or saddle again in the same way!

Saddlefit4life has completely changed my life and allowed me to learn so much more already than ever imagined, baring in mind that what I have learned already is only a fraction of information that's out there to learn. I won’t be able to look at a horse, rider or saddle again in the same way!

Alison Thomas

CEE Graduate

One of the most eye-opening experiences of my horse career

Becoming a CEE was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my horse career. I now have a thorough grasp on the multitude of variables that contribute to a well-fitted saddle all backed by science. With this skill, I plan to help other people who, like me, are looking for a way to remove the barriers of communication and improve their riding partnership.

Lara van den Berge

CEE Graduate

Now I have become obsessed and driven to help find solutions

At first, before I did the course, I thought I was passionate about helping horse and rider and I signed up, but now I have become obsessed and driven to help find solutions to the problems that we face in the saddle and on the horse.

Limited Tickets Available!

Discover EXACTLY What You'll Be 

Learning Day-By-Day At Partners In Soundness


Day 1

Igniting Insight: Captivating Presentations, Demonstrations, and Qualification Secrets

Day one will be spent getting to know each presenter and their specific area of expertise, with each providing the audience with a presentation and demonstration of their work, along with answering common questions and how you as the horse owner can qualify practitioners in their field, and what red flags to look out for.


Day 2 

Revealing Soundness: Immersive Horse Assessments and Collaborative Discussions

Day 2 will be spent assessing several horses over the course of the day with our expert speakers. Each speaker will be wearing a mic and the audience will be able to hear the conversations between each professional, comments, questions, and even disagreements.

The goal is to help owners understand the relationship between all facets of care, while being able to see what collaboration looks like, and the many benefits it has for both the horse and rider.
Each horse will be presented to the audience and speakers with a brief history, and both in-hand and ridden assessments taking place based on the comfort and soundness level.

Get To Know Our Speakers

Founder of Saddlefit 4 Life, Innovator & Educator
Jochen Schleese

Unlock the Secrets of Evidence-Based Saddle Fit And Avoid Long Term Damage For You & Your Horse

Jochen Schleese is an internationally renowned Master Saddler and equine ergonomist, known for his expertise in saddle fitting and equine biomechanics.

With over three decades of experience, Jochen has dedicated his career to improving the welfare and performance of horses through proper saddle fit. He founded Saddlefit 4 Life® in 2006, a global network of equine professionals committed to the education and implementation of proper saddle fit.

Jochen has developed innovative saddle fitting techniques and tools, and has conducted over 35 years research on 260,000 horses to advance the understanding of equine back health. He has won numerous innovation awards and has written 2 books.

His passion for horses and dedication to their well-being has made him a trusted authority in the equestrian community worldwide.

Nerve Release Technique
Celeste Leilani Lazaris

From Conformation to Behavior: Celeste Exposes the Link Between Nerve Impingement and Equine Challenges

Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist, an expert in equine movement and muscle development, and a pioneer for developing the physical body to protect the nervous system.

Her primary focuses are releasing nerve impingements in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horse's body both in-hand and under saddle, utilizing intrinsic motivation and proper movement to prevent injury, and nerve related problems.

She is highly valued by Veterinarians around the world for her ability to help them utilize a more holistic approach for lasting changes.

Her work is truly revolutionary for equine performance, lameness prevention and helping the horse-human dynamic.

Inara Garrett

Discover The Impact of Rider Imbalances on Equine Soundness & Learn How to Help Your Horse Through Inara's Ethical Training Approach

With Honours in psychology and neuroscience she encourages playful engagement and provides communication skills to deepen the horse-human relationship and enhance performance.

With extensive industry experience, she prioritizes correct training methods over quick fixes, gradually building confidence and skills.

Inara will discuss the rider's influence on their horse, highlighting how rider imbalances can impact equine soundness. She will also delves into understanding equine behaviors and the neuroscience behind ethical, compassionate training.

Her focus is on helping horses in need rather than seeking ways to control them.

Farrier, Barefoot Trimmer
Jessica Fobert

Trailblazing Barefoot Trimmer Paving the Way for Healthy Hooves and Happy Horses 

Recognizing the significance of balanced feet in her training clients she began professionally trimming in 2011, adopting Pete Ramey's approach.

With certifications from The American Hoof Association and PHCP, she now excels in providing optimal hoof care.

In 2017, she was entrusted with Barefoot Horse Canada, a mission founded by Anne Riddell in 2005 to assist horses.

Through her expertise, she supports rehabilitation cases, witnessing the transformative journey of horses as they heal and regain soundness.

Through her expertise you will learn to prioritize hoof care and how it contributes to the well-being and soundness of your horse.

(Equi-Bow Canada) Instructor, RVT, CETP, CEBP, WEBBP, CEBI
Caren Dougall

From Challenging Rehabilitation to Performance Excellence, Experience Customized Bodywork and Wellness Plans

Caren's goal is to empower owners, involving them actively in their animals' wellness plans.

From challenging rehabilitation cases to performance horses and cherished companions, she tailors personalized bodywork and wellness plans.

With a deep connection to horses and a diverse background in riding and competition across disciplines, Caren supports equine athletes and connects with owners of all backgrounds while providing holistic care as the owner of North of 9 Equine, a boarding and rehabilitation farm, and through her bodywork business.

And More Speakers To Be Announced!

PLUS: Day 1 Networking Party!

A Chance To Meet And Connect With Other Attendees
And Build Long-Lasting Relationships

A Chance To Meet And Connect With Other Attendees And Build Long-Lasting Relationships

This isn’t just an opportunity to make small talk with our speakers as they pack up their bags and b-line for the car parking lot as soon as quickly as possible….

This part of Partners In Soundness is dedicated to asking questions, getting them answered and forging powerful relationships with speakers and co-attendess!

“But Is Partners In Soundness Really Worth It?”


How long have you been waiting to FINALLY get the right resources and strategies you need to take your horse care and riding to where you want it to be?

Where you’re breaking through the barriers of conflicting information and discovering how to harmonize different aspects of care for optimal results.


If you’re still reading this page, then I know you’re excited when it comes to talking about your horse’s well being and empowering yourself to make informed decisions about your horse's care.

I know it sounds like we are promising a lot but trust us…

The reason I KNOW the lessons on offer at Partners In Soundness can help you and your horse is because they’ve already worked for us and our speakers!

And the alternative?

Where you figure things out alone?

We can’t stand here and lie to you and say that method doesn’t work - because it does.

But you have to accept that it also comes with a truckload of wasted time, expensive costs, total frustration, desperation, and more…

We Know Which Option We’d Pick If We Had to Start Again

Save yourself time, money, energy, pain, confusion, exhaustion and stress…

Instead, put yourself in the room where things are HAPPENING, surrounded by equine enthusiasts on the same journey as you.

Join us at Partners In Soundness for 2 whole days of being taught by some of the best experts in their field, where you’ll learn all their secrets.

Secrets that actually slot together like a perfectly orchestrated band, that work together to help you and your horse.

Reserve Your Spot Now For Our Limited Exclusive Event
Limited Tickets Available

Look, let’s be honest with each other, if this is something you are remotely considering then you need to reserve your spot now as we will sell out fast!

We have very limited tickets and this event is going to be jam packed with value

Just think if you wanted to hire each of these professionals to come to your barn it could cost up to $1,500 or more!

But today you can lock in your ticket for a fraction of that price.


- 1 Ticket Pricing -

* Limited Tickets Available *



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  • 2 Days Of Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Meet Expert Speakers
  • Limited Exclusive Event


- 2 ticket Pricing -

Bundle Deal

* Limited Tickets Available *



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Hurry, ticket sales end soon! September 20th at midnight!

Early bird ticket sale

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  • Get $100 Off Regular Price
  • 2 Days Of Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Meet Expert Speakers
  • Limited Exclusive Event
We Are Giving You OUR 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are convinced that what is provided at Partners In Soundness, will absolutely blow you away and finally help you break through the barriers of conflicting information and discover how to harmonize different aspects of care for your horse.

We are so confident that’s the case:

You’re invited to attend the first day of Partners In Soundness, and if you aren’t satisfied with the training, we’ll give you a full refund at the end of the day.

It’s that simple!


Here's all the essential details to make sure you have a fantastic time:

Event Date:
September 23rd-24th

Event Time:
Saturday - 10am to 6pm | Sunday - 10am to 6pm (EDT)

Note: Please arrive by 9:30am for a prompt 10am start.

Important Notes:

Arrival Time:
Please plan to arrive by 9:30am to get settled in. We'll be starting promptly at 10am, so this extra half hour will ensure you have time to find your seating, connect with fellow attendees, and soak in the event's atmosphere.

Ample parking spaces will be available on-site. Directional signs will guide you to designated parking areas upon arrival.

What to Bring:
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and consider bringing a sweater for any unpredictable weather changes. If you have specific dietary preferences, feel free to bring your own snacks. Bring along your note-taking materials, business cards for networking, and a positive attitude ready for learning.

Event Schedule:
The itinerary will be provided in a pamphlet/worksheet at the event, upon arrival.

Guest Speakers:
Please visit our event page for all other event specific details including guest speakers. Click Here.

Light Lunch:
A delightful light lunch will be provided both days, featuring sandwiches/wraps, baked goodies, fresh fruits, and beverages.

Recording Devices:
While we encourage you to engage and interact, recording the event is not permitted. This policy ensures the exclusivity of the content for registered attendees.

Sponsor Booths:
During breaks and lunch, visit our sponsor booths to explore products, gather information, and make valuable connections.

Proof of Purchase:
No need to bring proof of purchase. We'll have your names and emails on our list. Just bring your driver's license or some sort of identification so we can verify it is you. If you are unable to attend or you will be giving your ticket to someone else then please contact us so we can make note of it. Thanks!


  • 4920 Bethesda Rd, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5

Cashel Farms features over 20 Acres of picturesque pastures and manicured riding areas complete with hills for conditioning your horse.

Hours of hacking amongst local wildlife and ponds. 

There is a well drained outdoor sand arena, huge fiber footing dust-free heated indoor arena.


If you are coming in from out of town and need a hotel, we have put together a list of the best options closest to the venue. 

  • Days Inn by Wyndham Stouffville
  • 38 Ringwood Dr, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 8C1
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • 205 Eric T Smith Way, Aurora, ON L4G 0Z6
  • Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Aurora
  • 180 Goulding Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 3Z2

Limited Tickets Available! 

Thank You To Our


Schleese Saddlery Service

"Our mission is to protect horses and riders from long term back damage caused by poor fitting saddles"

Schleese is proud to be an affiliate of Saddlefit 4 Life (S4L) and proud to be a supporter of the Partners in Soundess Event.

Schleese Saddle Fitters (Certified Saddle Ergonomists) fit following the S4L philosophy and all Schleese saddles are designed to comply with the S4L philosophy. If you are interested in an 80-point Saddle fit evaluation or would like to try Schleese saddles please contact Schleese for more information.

Schleese is always looking for candidates who have completed their CEE (Certified Equine Ergonomist) course to become English and/or Western Saddle Fitters.

For more information please contact 

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Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha Canada manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing, not popular fads and media/marketing manipulation.
Currently, Omega Alpha Canada manufactures over 100 natural health products, many of which have been clinically evaluated by pharmacists and medical or naturopathic doctors.
When buying nutraceuticals from Omega Alpha Canada for yourself, your horse or your family, you can be sure that only the best all-natural ingredients are included in the natural health industry's most intelligent formulations to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Can I buy a ticket for a single day?

No, we are only selling 2 Day tickets for the event. It is an exclusive event with only 100 spots available.

What is included in the ticket price?

The ticket price includes 2-day access to the event with our amazing presenters, networking opportunities, meet expert speakers, beverages, snacks, a light lunch both days and much more!

I would like to participate with my horse, is stabling provided?

Stabling is available for the day at an additional cost (trailer parking available). Owners must provide their own water buckets and hay nets to prevent cross-contamination. If you would like to submit your horse for participation in the event please fill out our participation form.

Are My Tickets Transferable? 

Yes, tickets can be transferred if you’re unable to attend the event. Contact support at and we will be happy to help you!

Can I Buy A Ticket At The Event?

No tickets will be available for purchase at the event! Ticket sale ends September 21st at midnight.

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