Melbourne, AUS – Certified Equine Ergonomist – Nov. 26 – 29, 2020


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A Certified Equine Ergonomist (CEE) works with riders to diagnose, analyze, and make recommendations on saddles and saddle fit; as a certified professional, you are able to augment your income. Certified Equine Ergonomists work collaboratively with retailers, saddlers, and Certified Saddle Ergonomists. This course will enable students to do the externship to become a CEE, or if certification is not desired, be able to truly evaluate saddle fit.

Curriculum Topics:

  • Equine ergonomics, measuring the horse, rider, and saddle
  • How to obtain a detailed horse description
  • Assessing saddle fit to horse and rider (how a saddle affects the rider’s position and how the rider then affects the horse), tree angle and width
  • Assessing static and dynamic fit
  • Assessing saddle condition, considering the various disciplines and saddle manufacturers
  • Formulating viable solutions, and testing.

Course Duration: Online + 4 days (8:30 am  – 5:00 pm)

Instructor: Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSE

Language: English


  • Must have completed the online theory (You will receive your login with registration)

Cost: $3400 CAD

Early Bird: $3195 CAD

Class Size: Limited to 10 participants


  • Practical in-barn Demonstrations and hands-on practice
  • Curriculum Workbooks & Homework
  • Externship Student Evaluations to be submitted for certification