Osnabrük, Germany – Certified Equine Ergonomist – Mar. 10 – 14, 2021 (German)


In the horse ergonomist training course, you will learn how saddles have to be adjusted so that horse and rider can cooperate while riding with the greatest possible freedom of movement and free from discomfort of any kind.

The determination of the correct saddle position and the examination of the saddle in a static and dynamic analysis is conveyed to you in theoretical learning content and practical exercises on the horse and in the riding arena based on years of research and experience.

You will learn to interpret the consequences of poor fit and problems in rideability and to formulate appropriate recommendations appropriately and professionally.

However, in order to be able to use the title of Horse Ergonomist and to be able to advise and help customers professionally in matters of saddle fitting, measurements on at least 30 horses must be carried out and verified within 6 months after the course. Only then is the horse ergonomist training completed.


  • History of saddle manufacture and saddle fitting
  • Anatomical and biomechanical basics
  • Position of the reflex points
  • Measurement of horse, rider and saddle, analysis of the conditions
  • Assessment of the saddle fit for horse and rider (how the saddle affects the rider’s seat and how the rider in turn affects the horse)
  • Recognition of compensation posture
  • What do the angles and width of the trees mean in terms of saddle fit?
  • Assessment of the saddle condition taking into account the various disciplines and saddle manufacturers
  • Formulation of the findings

Course duration: 5 days (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Speaker: Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSE

Language: German


  • Read the book “Silence Killer” by Jochen Schleese carefully

Costs: 3395, – €
2995, – € (up to and including 31 January)


Participation limitation: 8 participants  Only 2 places left!


  • Theoretical lessons
  • Practical demonstrations and exercises in the stable and in the riding arena
  • Handouts & homework
  • After completing the course, submit 30 evaluation sheets for certification and have them checked
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