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All information provided to Saddlefit 4 Life and Saddlefit 4 Life Academy is used in the creation of user accounts for the purpose of accessing course material and content, as well as guiding the creation of additional courses and content. Saddlefit 4 Life never shares or sells your personal information in any manner, and does not utilize third party advertisers or services that requires access to our user information. Users may request, with the deactivation of their account, the deletion of their personal data by submitting an email to [email protected] 


Online courses are not eligible for refunds due to the automatic enrollment which gives students immediate access to course material upon registration. 

Bundled Courses are eligible for refund on the In-Barn portion of the course fee only, which ranges, depending on student membership level. 
***Covid Update: Due to ongoing travel restrictions, students are able to cancel attendance to the In-Barn course up to 2 weeks prior to the course start without forfeiting their In Barn course fees.

Students also have the option to hold their course fees on their account indefinitely and use it towards another In-Barn course with no additional costs. Students who register at the early bid rate and do not receive a partial refund, remain locked in at the early bid rate. 

Course Fees

The certificate course (Certified Equine Ergonomist) can be purchased one of two ways through the academy. Our CEE course is comprised of two main segments, the online theory and the 4-day in barn which, together, creates the full certificate course. 

1. Online Only

Students can opt to enroll in the online theory only which must be paid in full before the student is given access to the online course. Students who enroll in the online theory only must register and pay for the 4-day in barn separately.

2. Bundled Courses

Students have the option to enroll in a bundled course package which includes the online theory and the 4-day in barn together. Upon registration and payment, the student will receive access to the online course, as well as have a seat reserved in the selected 4-day in-barn course. 
The In-Barn courses available in the bundles have a pre-selected date and location, and also include an early bird price up until 60 days prior to the course start. 

2. Payment Plans

Enrollment through a Payment Plan allows students to break the course fee into multiple payments, charged automatically to the card on file. Students are responsible for paying the full course fee prior to receiving the CEE toolkit which is included in the CEE Online course. 

Defaulted payments will result in course access being locked, and if not resolved, the student will lose their enrollment. 

Students are responsible for paying the full course fee regardless of course accessibility due to defaulted payments. 

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