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Want To Help Horses?

The Certified Equine Ergonomist course takes a detailed look at the anatomy and biomechanics of both horse and rider, taking the unique needs of both into consideration to help identify saddle needs. 

With a focus on fitting to prevent pain, injury and lameness, the CEE course teaches how to identify saddle fit issues in both horse and rider, static and in motion, as well as WHY, looking at the many often ignored consequences of improper fit. 

The course looks at all saddle styles, with absolutely zero brand focus. We offer an unbiased look at CORRECT saddle fitting. 

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Saddle Fit Essentials

This course is truly unlike any other introductory saddle-fitting course available on the internet and is the #1 course EVERY rider needs to take. (Regardless of skill level!)

We wanted to create a course that could equip riders, at any level, with the education to understand and troubleshoot saddle fit problems themselves.

If you ride in any capacity, we believe it is your responsibility to learn the “Saddle Fitting Essentials” to safeguard both you and your horse from ill-fitting saddles.


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