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Our courses are the pinnacle of saddle fitting education, worldwide, and the global standard in anatomically correct and evidence based methods and philosophies. We offer a wide range of course types including online, offline, and combination, giving students the ability to customize their learning.

We strive to improve the health and well-being of horses and riders through saddle fitting education, comprehensive saddle fit diagnostic analysis and by providing opportunities for professional training. 

Our education is recognized globally and we continue to lead the equestrian industry with equine education and training.

What Our Students Think


Saddlefit4life has completely changed my life and allowed me to learn so much more already than ever imagined, bearing in mind that what I have learned already is only a fraction of information that’s out there to learn. I won’t be able to look at a horse, rider or saddle again in the same way!

Amy Coupland


This course is offering much more knowledge about biomechanics than I supposed any saddle fitting course could give. I liked academic approach to every lesson and structure is simple and logic. I really enjoy studying here!

Maria Sytnikova DVM Mvsc


I enjoyed how the lessons built upon one another and contained repetition to reinforce the previous lessons. Even if I was not sure about something in one lesson, the following lessons cleared up confusion. I also really enjoyed the real life examples.

Jordan Kopras


Doing the Saddlefit 4 Life CEE course was eye-opening to the vast amount of detail that goes into fitting a saddle correctly to both horse and rider. There are so many important details that get overlooked so easily.

Lara van den Berge


This course was very comprehensive and filled with tons and tons of information. There was A LOT more to it than I had anticipated, and at times very challenging. It was an eye opening experience for sure. With this education & certification…I now feel I can guide my clients to help them find a saddle that not only comfortably fits their horse, but also fits them as well.

Sheri Betancourt


I really appreciate the how-to videos. They are well done and the explanations are clear. I saw the addition of bonus lecture and they are really relevant because they deepen certain subjects. The possibility of making appointment with an instructor when the need arises is very helpful.

Nathalie Schoos


Becoming a CEE was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my horse career. I have been riding and competing in various western events my whole life, but I never understood the impact a saddle had on a horse and rider’s performance and quality of life.

Alison Thomas

No Experience Needed

You don’t need to have a background in saddle fitting to understand this course. Anyone with some horse experience can readily apply the learned theories and methods to evaluate their own saddle and identify problem areas. 

Clear, concise, easy to understand lessons with videos, imagery and diagrams to help you understand the various aspects of both how and why saddles should fit the anatomy. 

Active support is always there to answer your questions and discuss case studies so you’re never left to figure things out on your own. Your success is our priority! 

Courses that Suit You

Education that fits your life.

Relevant, up to date, mobile-friendly courses that are designed to fit your life and brings education to the comfort of your home and barn. Study at your own pace, revisit lessons and join in on monthly sessions, group case studies, practice sessions and much more. 

Learn how to assess the fit of your saddle, what you and your horse needs, and the difference between male and female saddles and why it’s important.

What Is Included In the CEE Course?

The Certified Equine Ergonomist Course is the most comprehensive course of its kind, teaching students the fundamentals surrounding equine and human anatomy, biomechanics, behaviors, musculoskeletal structures relating to saddle fit, sound riding/training and other influencing factors relating to saddle fit. 

We offer a well-rounded program that doesn’t just focus on the how, but also the WHY, highlighting the importance of correct fit to horse and rider and the many physiological and psychological consequences of improper fit. 

Students can expect to gain a better understanding of the equine athlete and the physical requirements set out by the body through measurements and observation. 

Course Outline

The Most comprehensive saddle fit course available.

What Is Included In the CSE Course?

Saddlefit4Life provides evidence-based Saddle fit education, using more than 40 years of experience. You will learn about the different methods to adjust saddle trees used by various manufacturers, including the saddles which are made in line with the S4L philosophy, following the laws of nature and taking the anatomy of the horse and rider into consideration. This training, in combination with the concentration on gender-specific saddles, makes this saddle fitting course a market-leader in the Equine industry. Great emphasis on future cooperation, as well as the quality of ongoing professional development provides limitless opportunities for education – now and in the future.

These saddles have undergone rigorous testing by Saddlefit 4 Life in multiple stages, to finally receive approval based on the saddles ability to be fitted to the anatomy and biomechanics of horse and rider.*

(*We do not manufacture or sells saddles, nor does our academy receive royalty from any saddles sold.)

The course is combined with the CEE Certification, and saddlery sponsored in barn, and in-shop training on all aspects of saddle fitting and adjusting. 

Course Outline


Applicants must have a basic understanding of equine movement and be able to work comfortably around horses and handle them safely. Some horses will react explosively and the incumbent must have the ability to remain calm while maintaining a safe environment.

A dedication to equine welfare and education are paramount, along with a willingness to learn and grow. 

In addition, you will need:

* Students without an Active CEE Certificate can still apply for the CSE training, and complete all courses together. 

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