Licensed Equine & Saddle Ergonomists

Certified Equine Ergonomists are not specifically trained to do any adjustment work on the saddle or sell saddles. The CEE is trained strictly to provide the client with an unbiased 80+ point evaluation on saddle fit to horse and rider, both static and in motion based  on scientific research, without affiliation to a particular brand. The CEE works in conjunction with a Licensed CSE to provide horse and rider with a properly fitted saddle.

 CEE/CSE Trainer

Certified Saddle Ergonomists are the pinnacle of saddle fitters from around the world, providing unparalleled service and protection for yourself as a rider, and your horse through evidence based saddle fitting, including full tree adjustments (based on the saddles ability to be adjusted), reflocking, repairs and much more.

 CEE/CSE Trainer   
 Independent CSE
 Branded CSE (Non-exclusive outside N. America)

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